Tips on Vehicle Insurance & Claims


1.          What kinds of Motor Policies are available ? The basic insurance covers offered are as under:


1.1. Liability Only Policy: covering the liabilities towards third parties only, as per  Nepal Motor Tariff . .

1.2. Package Policy: In addition to the above, the loss or damage to the vehicle insured, by specified perils, is also covered subject to the value declared and other terms and conditions in the policy.

For details of the risks covered under the above and also for information on other covers, please see “Nepali Motor Tariff” at


2.          Where can I get my vehicle insured ?: Insurance can be done at any of our offices generally doing Motor Insurance business. Please visit our website for finding an office convenient to you: . On the website click on "LOCATIONS" on the top. You will get the Nepali  map showing our   Offices. Click on the  Office and you will   their contact details.


3.          What will be the premium for my vehicle ?: Premium depends upon various factors viz. type, make, model, cc, usage, place of registration, past claims history etc. of the vehicle. Therefore approach our underwriting office with vehicle details for exact premium.


4.          Where can I renew my policy ?: Existing insurance will be renewed perferably by the same office. Please contact the office concerned for exact premium and pay it to the same office. However, in case the client   wants to change the underwriting office due to any reason, he can do so by producing expiring policy to any of our office in Nepal.  Do not send your premium to any other office or to the Country Office/Head Office. 


5.          Can someone contact me for insurance of my vehicle ?Yes, you may give a phone call to our nearest office. You may also approach the office concerned directly.


6.          Can I renew my policy at a different place ?: Yes, it is possible. A fresh proposal form needs to be filled in. The office may also insist for physical inspection of vehicle( If there is break in the continuity of policy) and other formalities, depending upon the situation. Please contact the nearest office for assistance.


7.          Can I pay the premium online ? At present, we do not have the facility.


8.          When should I renew the insurance for my vehicle & why ?: It is strongly recommended to renew your insurance before expiry of the existing insurance. This keeps your vehicle insured against the risks without any break and takes care of any loss within the ambit of the policy you have. This also retains the No Claim Bonus–the hard earned discount in premium for claim free year/s. Moreover, you are also not worried about the breach of law.


9.          What if my previous policy has already expired ?: If, however, the policy has already expired, a fresh insurance can be obtained. Since a break in insurance has occurred, the vehicle will be physically inspected by a company official or an authorized representative/agency, at your cost. The entitlement of No Claim Bonus will be as per rules.


10.       Can I transfer my insurance to the purchaser of my vehicle ?: Yes, the insurance can be transferred to the buyer of the vehicle, provided the seller gives in writing to the insurance company. A fresh proposal form needs to be filled in. There is a nominal fee charged for transfer of insurance. Please contact the concerned insurance office for guidance and terms and conditions.


11.       Is it ok if the insurance continues in the name of the previous owner whereas the vehicle is transferred in Nepal Yatayat Vyastha Karyala records in my name ?: Never commit this mistake. Remember, registration and insurance of the vehicle should always be in the same name with same address. Otherwise the claim is not payable. A fresh proposal form needs to be filled in. There is a nominal fee charged for transfer of insurance. Please contact the concerned insurance office for guidance and terms and conditions.



12.       I have lost the insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate one ? Yes, please approach the same office which had issued the policy, with a written request. A nominal fee is charged for issuing duplicate policy copy.


          13.       Where can I get the details of risks covered and terms & conditions of the       policy ?: Motor policy terms and conditions are governed by Nepal Motor Tariff 2006. This is available on .



14.       What should I do in case of an accident/theft of the vehicle ? : Please inform the policy issuing office immediately in writing for registering a claim and deputing a surveyor and/or an investigator. An immediate report to the police is also mandatory in case of vehicle is stolen or when third party injury/death/property damage is involved. Delay in informing the Company and the police [wherever required] will prejudice your claim and the Company may deny the liability. Please read the conditions in the policy in this regard.


16.       Whom should I contact if my vehicle suffers a loss in a city other than the policy issuing city ?:  If the vehicle meets with an accident in the city of policy issuing office, the claim has to be  intimated invariably to the same office. If it takes place in a different city, then approach the nearest Oriental’s office for guiding you to the office designated for entertaining outstation claims. Meanwhile, also inform the policy issuing office.


17.       What are the documents and formalities required for processing of the claim by the Company ?: The documents and formalities required for processing and settlement of the claim will depend upon the type of vehicle and nature of loss. Please contact the office concerned for guidance. Please also  refer the link: Claim Documents of  our website in this regard.


18.       What are the important things I should bear in mind while insuring my vehicle ?: 1. Fill up the proposal form yourself, answering all the questions correctly and sign it. This plays a vital role in deciding the premium and the admissibility of claim. Incomplete or incorrect information may result in denying the claim to you. Therefore, never leave it to any other person to fill it up. 2. Ensure that your and vehicle details are correctly recorded in the policy schedule. Make sure that every digit of vehicle registration number, engine and chassis numbers etc. are fully and correctly entered. Any error should be immediately got corrected as otherwise it would create trouble at the time of claim. 3. If there are any changes in the policy, it will be done by an Endorsement by the office. Please check the correctness of the endorsement. 4. Read policy terms, conditions, particularly the exclusions etc. very carefully. They are important from claim point of view. 5. Remember, registration and insurance of the vehicle should always be in the same name with same address. Otherwise the claim is not payable..




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